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The 4 women sat nervously eye balling each other. They'd been waiting ten minutes already and barely a word had been spoken. They all suddenly looked up when the door burst open and a silhouetted figure stood in the doorway, hands on hips. It was an impressive silhouette too. Curvy hips, tiny waist and full bust. As she entered the room her features gradually became clear and all 4 women recognised her as Aerobics Woman, the city's most prominent and feared villainess. She wore her trademark day-glo pink, ultra tight high-cut leotard, with suntan tights beneath and a small pink mask concealed her eyes.

"I suppose you're wondering why I gathered you all here tonight?" she asked

"A bit of a corny line isn't it?" said the villainess known as Glue Girl.

"now, now, Glue Girl, no need for sarcasm. We're all here because we all have a mutual interest. Since most of the city's villains were arrested and jailed by that tights wearing fool, Hero-Man we've all had a pretty easy time taking over their criminal empires, but only last week Hero-Man captured Bad Girl and her gang and it's only a matter of time before he comes after us. We all know that he seems almost invincible. He's been shot, drowned, gassed, poisoned and even blown up! There doesn't seem to be anyway to kill him."

"If there's no way to kill him, then why ask us here?" asked the ever inquisitive Glue Girl, while the other 3 women looked on. Although they all seemed to be paying a great deal of attention. They knew Hero-Man was a problem that had to be dealt with sooner or later.

"I asked you here, so we could all help each other rid ourselves of this Lycra clad nuisance once and for all! I know there's no way we can kill him, but there is another way we can destroy him." Aerobics Woman paused for effect as a large and devious grin took over her face, while her eyes lit up beneath her mask.

"With your help ladies, I intend to humiliate Hero-Man so badly that he'll never dare appear in public again!"

The four seated women's eyes all lit up at the thought.

"Ha! I like the sound of this! Tell us the plan, Aerobics Woman and count me in!" said Queen Cruel.

"I thought you'd like this Queen Cruel. In fact, I knew you'd all enjoy this and that you're all more than capable of playing your parts in Hero-Man's complete and utter humiliation. You must remember though ladies, that this is going to be a gradual process. Heroes aren't humiliated in a day. Now, if you're in agreement, then I'll get started explaining phase 1 to you."

All 4 women's hands shot straight in the air, as they all began to laugh...


Elsewhere in the city 2 nights later:

Hero-Man stood atop the City's tallest building surveying the sprawling metropolis beneath him. He wore his trade mark red and white outfit; White tights, the feet were red up to just below the knee, tight fitting red trunks and what most people didn't realise, a white leotard. Most people assumed it was a full one piece outfit with trunks over the top, as the red trunks managed to hide the leg holes of his leotard. It was also a fact that Hero-Man didn't really want people to know. He enjoyed the freedom the leotard gave him, but he assumed people would think it was a bit girly. He didn't need to bother wearing a mask, as his identity had been known since the day he got his super powers all those years back.
His hidden ear piece buzzed into life.

"zzzzzzzt! Tina here, Hero-Man. There's a report of a robbery happening at a warehouse on Quay Wharf."

"Thanks Tina, just when I thought I was going to have a quiet night. Oh well, I'd better check it out, catch the baddies, send them to jail and save the day... You know, like I usually do."

"The city would be worse off without him, but what an arrogant jerk he can be sometimes" thought Tina.
"Er.. Yeah right! Have fun".

Hero-Man found the place in minutes. The Hero Mobile, could find anywhere quickly with only a few clues and best of all it didn't need driving. With the Hero Mobile quietly parked round the corner, Hero-Man crept up on the building. 2 women were loading boxes onto the back of a truck, while another kept watch and hurried them along.
Hero-Man jumped into the light and stood with his hands on his waist, feet apart ever the arrogant looking hero. The women immediately stopped what they were doing.
"Hero-Man!!" the woman who seemed to be in charge cried in horror!
"We'd better give ourselves up girls. There's no way we can beat the mighty Hero-Man!"

"A clever criminal! That makes a change!" mocked Hero-Man
"Let's do this the easy way then ladies. Get over here and prepare to be cuffed."

The women walked towards him, heads bowed. It was about this time that Hero-Man noticed that they all had their hands behind their black catsuit clad backs, but it was too late. All at once they produced spray cans and sprayed him from three different directions. He couldn't tell what he'd been sprayed with at first, just that it felt... Sticky!

"Allow me to introduce myself, Hero-man. I'm Glue Girl, these are the Glue-ettes and YOU are in a very sticky situation!" She threw her head back and laughed.

"You won't be laughing when I throw your sorry butt in jail!"

"well, come on then... Come and get me, tights boy!"

Hero-Man tried to move his feet, but he was stuck. As he pulled harder all that happened was the feet of his tights stretched out. His entire outfit was made of unbreakable Lycra and it was seeming like a bad choice right now. He desperately tried to wrench his hands from his waist, but this proved to be a very bad move. All that happened was that he succeeded in pulling the leg holes of his leotard high above his trunks. His hands were well and truly stuck!

"Oh my God! Are you wearing a LEOTARD?" shouted Glue girl, while her and the Glue-ettes all pointed and laughed at the sight in front of them

Hero-Man's face flushed red.  

"It err... gives me more freedom of movement... Lots of heroes wear them!" He protested.

"Freedom of movement... Suuuuuuuuuure!" mocked Glue Girl
"it's not just that you like prancing around at night in a Lycra leotard and tights, with those ridiculous little panties over the top is it?" she laughed.
"Tell me, Leotard-Man, is it a thong?"

"NO! Of course not!" exclaimed Hero-Man, getting redder by the moment.

"well perhaps it should be? Glue-ettes, I think you know what time it is.... WEDGIE TIME!!"

Hero-Man's heart raced and sank all at the same time. He hadn't been wedgied since just before he got his powers and he knew only too well what was coming next.
The Glue-ettes didn't need telling twice, as both of them raced over to get behind the panicking Hero-Man. With one hand either side of the back of his already tight leotard they both grabbed and pulled upwards at the same time. The leg holes stretched high up his back, as his hands were taken with them. He stretched upwards on his glue stuck tip toes as the pulling continued. All the while the 3 women laughed and mocked him relentlessly.

"Looks like you're in a tight spot AND a sticky situation!" laughed Glue Girl, while the Gue-ettes chanted "WEDGIE!! WEDGIE!! WEDGIE!"

"Oh ... oooh! Ouch! oh! No, please stop this! What do you want?"

"What do we want? hahaha! Oh, if only you knew, Wedgie-Man! Right girls, that's enough work on his leotard, you can't ignore those silly little red panties can you?"

The 2 women laughed and switched their grip from his leotard to his red trunks. They quickly had them pulled half way up his back as he winced in pain and humiliation.

"Pull harder! You know what you've got to do!" commanded Glue Girl

They began to pull and tug harder and higher than before, jumping off the ground with each hard pull after what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only tens of seconds the waist band of his unbreakable trunks was pulled over the top of his head. One of the women quickly sprayed the area with her spray can and they both quickly jumped back to admire their handy work. The waistband was stuck fast to his head, his hands still stuck to the sides of his leotard, but pulled further up his back now and his feet were stuck fast to the floor.
There was a small pause and then the 3 women fell about laughing.

"Release me!! I demand you release me! Ungh!! Oh! Ooh! Oww! So Ungh... tight!" but the more he struggled the worse he made the wedgie.

"oh don't worry Atomic-Wedgie-Man, we've already phoned for help. That hot little reporter from the Daily Global, Amanda Sexton is on her way over as we speak. Speaking of which, we'd better get going girls."

The three women made their way to the truck, still laughing and quickly sped off.

"Oh no! Amanda can't see me like this! She's the last person I want to see right now."



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thanks a lot for the fave on "pantie shot"

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